Surgical Gloves Making Machine

YG Surgical Gloves Making Machine
YG Surgical Gloves Making Machine

The surgical gloves making machine is made of natural liquid latex, which is usually processed through a series of processes such as a hand-molded dipping tank, drying, curing, cooling, and sterilizing packaging. Can be applied to different scenarios. Contact us for information.

Different capacity machinery, stable performance, professional R&D team. 

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Surgical Gloves Making Machine Parameter:

Model Machine size (m) Speed (m/min) Output
Heat consumption(cal/hr) Power
YG-SBA50*6 50*1.8*6.5*6layers 8.3 5000 450000 32 3000 300
YG-SBA60*6 60*1.8*6.5*6layers 10 6000 550000 34 3600 360
YG-SBA80*6 80*1.8*6.5*6layers 13.3 8000 750000 45 4800 480
YG-SBA100*6 100*1.8*6.5*6layers 20 12000 1100000 70 6000 600
YG-SBA110*6 110*1.8*6.5*6layers 21.6 13000 1200000 75 6600 660
YG-SBB80*6 80*1.8*9*6layers*2 13.3 16000 1400000 90 9600 480
YG-SBB100*6 100*1.8*9*6layers*2 18 21600 2100000 100 12000 600
YG-SBB110*6 110*1.8*9*6layers*2 20 24000 2200000 110 13200 660
YG-SBA60*8 60*1.8*13*8layers 10 7200 730000 45 1800 480
YG-SBA80*8 80*1.8*13*8layers 16.7 10000 1100000 65 6400 640
YG-SBA100*8 100*1.8*13*8layers 22 13200 1470000 70 8000 800
YG-SBA110*8 110*1.8*13*8layers 24 14400 1600000 80 8800 880
YG-SBB80*8 80*1.8*13*8layers*2 16.6 20000 1900000 120 12800 640
YG-SBB100*8 100*1.8*13*8layers*2 20 24000 2800000 130 16000 800
YG-SBB110*8 110*1.8*13*8layers*2 21.6 26000 3050000 160 17600 880
YG-SBB80*10 80*1.8*16*10layers*2 22 26400 2380000 150 16000 800
YG-SBB100*10 100*1.8*16*10layers*2 23.3 28000 3500000 165 20000 1000
YG-SBB110*10 110*1.8*16*10layers*2 25 30000 3800000 190 22000 1100

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Process Composition:

The surgical glove machine mainly consists of four parts: batching equipment, including mixers, filter barrels, vacuum deaerators, and glue delivery pumps; dipping equipment, including racks, conveyor chains, dipping tanks, recycling tanks, and drip tanks; plasticizing Furnace; cooling, lip rolling, powder spreading, demoulding, and powder removal equipment, including cooling group, lip rolling group, powder spreading group, stripping module, and powder removal group. The production of medical gloves adopts a continuous production method and direct immersion method, with uniform film formation and bright color. Various models and specifications can be produced online at the same time. According to the different outputs, the length of the YG medical gloves production line is 60 meters, 80 meters, and 100 meters. Specifications, a high degree of automation, large output, and automatic demoulding can be configured, and the length of the production line can also be designed and installed according to the customer’s production site.

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Surgical Gloves Making Machine Features:

  1. The medical glove machine can be humanized design according to the curing molding process of various materials (natural rubber, nitrile rubber, PVC, etc.). The process is reasonable and the automatic balance glue system makes the product stable, and the coating thickness and length are uniform. No sag, uniform temperature, high output, easy and simple demoulding.
  2. The oven of the medical glove machine adopts the principle of hot air circulation to make the internal temperature of the oven uniform, and high-performance insulation materials are used to effectively ensure that the temperature is not lost, thereby improving the use of the machine’s thermal efficiency. The machine heating system adopts an automatic temperature control system with a high-performance control switch to improve the accuracy of temperature control, thereby increasing the qualification rate of the product.
  3. Specially designed elastic piston glove mold connection device, easy to change mold operation, no mold drop phenomenon.

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Medical Surgical Glove Making Machine
Medical Surgical Glove Making Machine
Surgical Glove Production Line
Surgical Glove Production Line

Surgical Gloves Making Machine for Sale:

A surgical glove-making machine is a machine and equipment produced by YG Machinery for the production of medical surgical gloves. Generally, the medical glove machine is made of natural liquid latex, which is usually processed through a series of processes such as a hand-molded dipping tank, drying, curing, cooling, and sterilizing packaging. Also, we have latex glove making machines, balloon production lines, condom making machines, shoe cover making machines, finger cots making machines, etc. Contact us now!

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