Shoe Cover Making Machine

Shoe Cover Making Machine
Shoe Cover Making Machine

YG Shoe Cover Making Machine

Disposable plastic shoe cover-making machine, which can produce shoe covers of PE and CPE materials, with the advantages of good quality, low price, and high output, can completely replace manual shoe covers, save labor and reduce costs, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Contact us to know more!

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Disposable Shoe Cover Making Machine Parameter:

Suitable material PE、CPE
Machine size 1500mm*1500mm*1700mm (L*W*H)
Package size 1700mm*1550mm*1300mm(L*W*H)
Capacity 130-160 Pcs/min
voltage 220v/380v (according to customer requirement)
Weight 750kg
power 3.5kw
Finished products size 400*160mm(L*W)
other sizes make according to customer requirement
Material Feeding Rubber band, plastic film

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Advantage & Application of Shoe Cover:

Product features: convenient and hygienic + economical and environmental protection + home essentials + cheap and high quality + good gifts.

  1. Put an end to the hidden danger of athlete’s foot cross-infection caused by taking off the slippers and wearing them.
  2. Cut off: the transmission of outdoor bacteria and viruses indoors.
  3. Prevented: private slippers side public slippers.
  4. Eliminate the restraint and embarrassment caused by piercing socks and smelly feet when relatives and friends come to the door.
  5. Solved the trouble of needing to take off and change shoes when guests visit; the owner needs to clean slippers, doormats, and floors whenever guests leave.
  6. Improved: The choking odor emitted by various shoes at the place where the shoes are taken off pollutes the indoor air environment.
  7. Reduced: Housewives have to keep cleaning and mopping the floor, which can effectively keep the indoor floor tidy.

If you are interested in automatic shoe cover machines, intelligent shoe cover machines, and medical shoe cover machines, and want to know more detailed product information, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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Automatic Disposable Shoe Cover Making Machine for Sale:

Disposable Shoe Cover Making Machine
Disposable Shoe Cover Making Machine
Automatic Shoe Cover Production Line
Automatic Shoe Cover Production Line

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Application of Shoe Cover:

This product is widely used in homes, factories, hotels, laboratories, computer rooms, hospital operating rooms, real estate model rooms, auto 4S shops, museums, Internet cafes, photo studios, beauty salons, wedding rooms, and other places with cleaning requirements.

Main Feature of YG Shoe Cover Making Machine:

  1. High output, small size, does not take up too much space.
  2. Program computer control, equipped with the photoelectric test device, high reliability, and excellent ability.
  3. Adjustable ultrasonic or debugging thermal welding.
  4. Beautiful and fashionable appearance.
  5. Suitable for non-woven materials.
  6. The whole machine adopts a steel plate structure.

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